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Mediation Services

If you are already involved in a legal proceeding, whether it be a divorce or custody/child support matter or a small claims dispute, please reach out to me to discuss the possibility of mediation.

Mediation is a 2-4 hour session(s) where opposing parties attempt to reach an agreement in the presence of a neutral third-party mediator. A mediator provides insight and education regarding legal proceedings and assists both parties in reaching a fair settlement.

Often mediation is ordered by the court in the case anyway. Mediating early on saves potentially thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and can speed the case along.

There is no current standard or certification required to be a mediator in Oregon. Mediators are typically chosen based on experience and expertise.

My experience includes over five years of paralegal work in family law, criminal law, and property law, all of which requires significant planning and preparation for mediation. I have participated in hundreds of mediations. Additionally, I successfully completed the following courses in law school: Family Law, Oregon Family Law, Professional Responsibility, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Negotiations and Mediation.

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