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Divorce Consultation Services

Consult with me to determine if a peaceable agreement between two married people is attainable before moving forward with any court proceedings.

Typically, once one party moves for a divorce through the court, the case time-line is up to the court system and each party’s respective attorney’s schedule.

However, if both parties feel that they can sit down together, with the guidance of a mediator, to reach an agreeable division of property and debt, the parties can attain a total dissolution of marriage in a matter of days or weeks.‚Äč

Booking an appointment with a mediator would be an alternative to hiring separate attorneys to represent either side in a divorce.

In the event that two married people are contemplating divorce, please only contact me together to eliminate any possibility of one-sided consulting.

Please be aware that I am not a licensed attorney or a member of the Oregon State Bar. I cannot offer legal advice. I cannot represent either party in a divorce proceeding.

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