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Child Support & Custody
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Child Custody & Support Consultation Service

Custody and child support can almost always be settled outside of court without incurring any attorneys fees. Typically, parents are ordered to mediate as part of the court case anyway.

If you and the other parent are interested in working together to create a child support and custody arrangement without hiring attorneys, please do not hesitate to contact me. In a quick mediation session, the three of us can work toward an agreement that will be in the best interest of your children and conform to your individual schedules.

If you are looking to file a custody or child support case with the courts, please book an individual consult with me to learn about the the court procedures of a custody or child support case.

You can represent yourself in a custody or child support case by using the Court’s guided forms and filing process which can save thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees. This process is simple and self-explanatory and I am happy to assist along the way.

If you have been served with papers in a custody or child support case, please contact me individually to discuss how to respond in the case.

Please be aware that I am not a licensed attorney or a member of the Oregon State Bar. I cannot offer legal advice. I cannot represent either party in a custody or child support proceeding.

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