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Oregon Revised Statutes require that a person must be a Member of the Oregon State Bar and licensed in the State of Oregon to practice law. Simple Legal Solutions is NOT a member of the Oregon State Bar and is NOT licensed to practice law in Oregon. For that reason, Simple Legal Solutions is prohibited by law from giving legal advice, offering legal representation, or preparing legal documents.

You are hereby given notice of ORS 9.160. By contacting Simple Legal Solutions, you acknowledge your understanding of ORS 9.160. By contacting Simple Legal Solutions, you understand and agree that no legal advice will be given, no legal representation will be offered, and no legal documents may be prepared on your behalf. Further, by contacting Simple Legal Solutions and acknowledging your understanding of ORS 9.160, you waive any right to make a claim against Simple Legal Solutions or any agent thereof, for violations of ORS 9.160.


Notice is hereby given that Jacqueline deVilleneuve and Simple Legal Solutions do not represent any person in association with their legal issue.

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