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I'm Jacqueline. I'd like to share with you my purpose and hopes for this practice. 

I understand that a complicated family matter or financial matter can cause serious frustration and stress. Most people don't know where to start. Often times they seek advice from family and friends who encourage them to hire a lawyer. In my experience working for lawyers, hiring a lawyer only seems to complicate the situation more, and lead to financial distress on top of everything else. 

I started this practice with the purpose of simplifying the legal process, when possible, and helping those who cannot afford to fight a legal battle, reach a resolution and work toward an agreement instead. My hope is that everyone I can teach will be able to handle their matter either through a simple agreement, or by knowing how to operate a case through the court system themselves.

This practice is for teaching and learning and working toward a resolution. This is not a place to fight. There can be no resolutions unless both parties can be reasonable and focused. 

My Experience & Expertise

I started working as a paralegal in 2016. I worked for a prestigious firm of four power-house attorneys. We handled primarily family law but also assisted with some criminal matters. I became very familiar with the discovery process of gathering and tracing the financials, property and debt of both sides in dissolutions. This would prepare the parties for mediation. The court would order the parties go to mediation to resolve their property and debt issues. Having prepared all of the documents and tracing, I would often prepare the client for mediation, prepare statements for the mediator, and occasionally attend mediation with the client.

This opened my eyes to the mediation process. I realized that had the parties come to this agreement initially, they could have saved thousands of dollars on attorneys fees. In fact, most of the preparation for mediation can be done in a matter of days, especially if the parties are working together. 

After about three years working for this firm, they encouraged me to go to law school. They wrote me a glowing letter of recommendation, and I was accepted to all five schools I applied to in 2019. I  began law school in 2019. I am on track to graduate law school in Spring of 2022. I have completed lots of courses in preparing to start this practice, including Family Law, Oregon Family Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation, Business Organizations, and Professional Responsibility. 

I have also worked for three firms remotely and part-time while in law school the past two years. I have gained additional experience in family law and mediations. I have grown my legal network in the Salem to Portland area and surrounding towns. 

I am looking forward to helping and assisting as many people as I can, and to get them through a complicated step in life as simply and pain-free as possible. 

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