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Hello, I am Jacqueline. I’d like to share with you my purpose and hopes for this practice.

I understand that a complicated family matter or financial matter can cause a serious frustration and stress. Most people don’t know where to start. Often times they seek advice from family and friends who encourage them to hire a lawyer. In my experience working for lawyers, hiring a lawyer only seems to complicate the situation more, and lead to further financial distress on top of everything else.

I started this practice with the purpose of simplifying the legal process, when possible, and helping those who cannot afford to fight a legal battle, reach a resolution and work toward an agreement instead. My hope is that everyone I can teach will be able to handle their matter either through a simple agreement, or by knowing how to operate a case through the court system themselves.

This practice is for teaching, learning and working toward a resolution. This is not a place to fight. There can be no resolutions unless both parties can be reasonable and focused.

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Are you facing a legal issue but are not sure whether you need to hire a Lawyer? Some alternatives to legal representation include mediation, negotiation, settlement or pro se filing.

Many attorneys in Oregon charge somewhere between $250-$400 per hour for initial consultations and paperwork.

Even assistants to attorneys charge between $150=$300 per hour for phone calls or letters.

It is common to be charged a $1,000-$5,000 retainer before an attorney even begins working on your case.

There are more affordable options available to resolve a legal dispute!

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